About Me

Hello, World! I am Joseph Geis. I am a student at Brigham Young University. I am studying Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I am an avid swimmer and skier, and an aspiring software developer.

If you feel so inclined, I appreciate tips or donations. I have a Ko-fi page where you can send me money through PayPal, or you can Venmo me too (just shoot me an email for my username). You can also support me by using my DigitalOcean referral link on my home page.

Languages & Technologies I Like


Mission Viejo Nadadores

Satellite Team Lead Coach since August 2023

Associate Team Operations Manager since May 2023

Assistant Coach July 2022-August 2022

Satellite Team Coach May 2022-August 2022

Brigham Young University

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant September 2022-April 2023