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Story Time: Incorrect Publish Times


Last night, I published a post, and I noticed the published time was 14 hours off. (My time zone is America/Los_Angeles, which is UTC-7:00/8:00.) I knew it had something

Upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04: Python 3 Issue


So as many of you who have been paying attention to the development of Ubuntu 20.04 may know, Canonical has finally shipped Focal Fossa! I was excited when I saw it on m

Also available in .onion form


For those of you who want to browse in total privacy, or are wanting to share my blog with your friends in oppressed civilizations, you can now access my site as a Tor h

Hello, World!


Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am Joseph Geis. First, a few things about me. I am from beautiful Orange County, California. I have four younger siblings: three brothers