Hello, World!

March 24, 2020 at 3:27 PM PDT

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am Joseph Geis.

First, a few things about me. I am from beautiful Orange County, California. I have four younger siblings: three brothers and one sister (yes, I’m the oldest). I am a sophomore at Tesoro High School. I swim competitively for Tesoro’s varsity swim team and for the Mission Viejo Nadadores swim club. I am a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (colloquially & improperly known as a “Mormon”). I plan on attending Brigham Young University (in Provo, Utah), majoring in computer science. I really enjoy computers & electronics. I’m not into gaming, but I am very into programming and tinkering with stuff (I guess you could call me a “maker”). I’m an Apple aficionado, and would take macOS over Windows. Linux is my second OS (I really hate Windows), and my favorite distro is Ubuntu (because it is modern, not just easy-to-use).

I have used a computer since I was 2 years old, with my first computer being a blue, hand-me-down iMac G3. One of my fondest memories is accidentally screwing up the language settings, leaving it in Japanese. My parents were stumped. From memory, I navigated myself back to the language setting and set it back to English. Now, I am my extended family’s resident tech person, with an approximate 50% satisfaction rate because either I fix it, but then only I can use it, or I make things worse. Just kidding. I try to make things easier for others, and I don’t normally make things worse (anymore).

I have been into programming since I was in 3rd grade. My first exposure to programming was at my uncle’s house, where he showed me his Raspberry Pi. I opened up Scratch and figured out (myself) how to make the cat move around. In 4th grade, the computer lab teacher at my school introduced me to an older student who gave me some resources on learning JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which I have expanded to PHP as well (which I’ve used to create the theme for my site). I later self-taught myself Ruby, and then ditched it in favor of Python. With my knowledge of Python, I’ve learned how to use Flask for working with self-use web services (i.e. HTTP endpoints, REST APIs for automating stuff), and am teaching myself Django for more useful web apps. I have also immersed myself in Swift (and managed to understand Objective-C), and am learning how to make apps for Apple’s platforms. I am also tinkering with React and Vue to make reactive front-ends to complement my Django apps. (Vue is better in my opinion.) Overall, I’m simply trying to keep up in the fast-paced world of development.

I bought this domain in February, and have been working on this theme for the last few months to get it in shape for publishing, so yeah. I figured that it’s about time to get an online following. On this site, I’ll occasionally post stuff about my projects, life experiences, etc. So yeah. That’s about it. I hope you enjoy.