Joseph E. Geis

Developer in Training


Here are some of the things I have worked on. Aside from websites I have built for people, many of my projects are simply just me experimenting with new technologies and making stuff.


Hello Sunrise Market

Screenshot of (defunct)

Project Time: December 2016-Winter 2018

Services: WordPress Site Management. I was also the Chief Technology Officer (sorta)

My first major job was for my aunt & her friend, who were starting a business. They curated local artisans for their semi-annual craft fair, and I was tasked with helping them move their online presence away from a Facebook page alone. I helped them create an online vendor application using JotForm (its free, and I highly recommend it) and I helped them manage online ticket pre-sales.

From this job, I learned a lot about setting up a website, in terms of buying a domain and hosting plan. It was my first hands-on experience with using cPanel and standard web hosting utilities.

Because their business ceased operations, the website isn't available anymore.

LFMS Orchestra

Screenshot of (defunct)

Project Time: 2017-2018

Services: WordPress Custom Theme, SEO, WordPress Site Management

Word has always gotten around my school that I am the resident tech wiz, so when it got to my orchestra teacher, she asked me to update the orchestra program's website. So I did that, and I did it well. This was my first experience building a WordPress theme and I used that knowledge to create this website you are looking at now.

After some conflict between a classmate, the teacher, and I, the website is no longer available. :(

The Law Office of Joseph M. Geis, Esq.

Screenshot of

Project Time: 2018-ongoing

Services: Website Redesign, SEO, Google My Business Management

My dad's website hadn't been updated in years, and it wasn't very mobile friendly, so I went in and redesigned it from scratch to present a fresh, modern design to visitors, making sure that the design was also mobile friendly. I also made major SEO updates and ensured that he had a presence on Google Maps.

You can see it live at

Side Projects

COVID Counter

Technologies & Libraries: Python, Flask, lxml, requests

I made this because I wanted an easy way to check the number of cases of the coronavirus in my home county, so yeah. It's live on my website. I learned how to scrape data off webpages using a tutorial I found on the Hitchhiker's Guide to Python and I adapted it to work with a Flask app. If it isn't apparent by the background I gave, the app simply scrapes the number of cases off the OC Health Care Agency's website, and puts it in big numbers. I made the webpage scraper modular, so that it can be easily extended to other counties/locales.

I'm still working on this page, so stay tuned. ;)